Important Patient Information

  • Please look at the How to Find Us page, parking is limited at the clinic.

  • Do not come to the clinic if you are feeling unwell with sickness, coughs, or if you have high temperature. Do not come if you have anything contagious such as shingles. Call us to reschedule your appointment.

  • Chiropractors can run late, please call us before leaving, to see how the clinic is running.

  • There is some paperwork to fill out on your first visit, please arrive with spare time for this (about 5-10mins). If your baby is coming for an initial appointment, you may find that the red book is useful. If you have a long list of prescription medicine, we can take a photocopy for your file.

  • Please keep us updated with your contact details, so we can call you with any changes to your appointment.

  • Wear clothes you can be treated in, gowns are available if you need one.

  • Please call at least the day before , if you need to cancel an appointment.

  • We do not keep waiting lists, you are welcome to call daily to check for cancellations.