Our Team

Our chiropractors have many years of experience. Anneli Hulkkonen and her Chiropractic colleagues are all members of the British or Scottish Chiropractic Associations.

British Chiropractic Association

Anneli Hulkkonen DC, MRCC, GCC

Principal Chiropractor and Practice Owner

Anneli Hulkonnen

Anneli graduated in 1979 from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic.

She worked in Sweden for a year then returned to England and has run a Chiropractic Clinic in Wimborne since 1980.

Her unique approach to her Chiropractic and Cranial work combines her knowledge, compassion and care with a genuine passion for her work.

From the beginning Anneli has had an interest in cranial techniques, studying with cranial osteopaths from around the world. She has been teaching these techniques for a number of years.

For the last 15 years Anneli has been studying and practising functional neurology, in order to understand the benefits of her work on neurological manifestation of ‘Dis- ease’, particularly in infants and children. She has been assessing the retention of Primitive Reflexes and corresponding treatments for 30 years, incorporating this knowledge into her work with patients.

Jon Melhuish, BSc, DC, MCC (Orth), CCEP

Doctor of Chiropractic & Certified Extremity Practitioner

Jon Melhuish, Chiropracter

Jonathan Melhuish graduated from AECC in 1991. He has worked at Back in Balance since 2005 and is currently available on Mondays and Fridays all day, and Wednesday afternoons.

He has a keen interest in techniques which systematically treat the spine and peripheral joints.

  • He is one of the UK’s few Certified Extremities Practitioners
  • He uses a number of chiropractic techniques including Diversified, Drop, Gonstead and Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC)
  • His new interest is in the NeuroImpulse Protocol (NIP): A very specific, low force adjusting method initially developed for babies and children but now used for all ages. NIP adjustments have a profound effect on the nerve supply and the patient does not feel or hear any ‘cracking sounds’
  • Completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Chiropractic Paediatrics from the AECC in 2005
  • Completed an M level course in spinal rehabilitation through 1998/9
  • Member of the Royal College of Chiropractors (MCC) and The British Chiropractic Association (BCA)

He draws on all of these techniques to provide holistic care to get you Back in Balance and Fit for Life.

Laurence Karmali

Laurence will often work at the clinic a few months of the year. Please call or check our Facebook page to see if he is available.

Please note that Jane Ludick (massage therapy) and Lucinda Holman (lactation consultant) are not working at present due to the current situation with Covid-19. We look forward to offering their services again at some point in the future.

Charlotte Barclay, DipHE, BSc, MSc, DC Doctor of Chiropractic

Charlie started her Higher Education studies at Portsmouth University, graduating with a DipHE 2:1 in Sport and Exercise Science. She went on to achieve a BSc 2:1 with Honours in 2015 from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic (AECC). In June 2017 Charlie graduated from the AECC with a Masters in Chiropractic with Merit.

The AECC provided Charlie with the opportunity to develop her passion for paediatric chiropractic, and during her time there she became a well-respected member of its breast feeding clinic.

Charlie is passionate about the musculoskeletal care of the new born, and believes it is a privilege to help mothers develop a strong bond with their baby whilst also influencing the growth, nutrition and overall wellbeing of their loved one.

Charlie holds additional qualifications in dry needling. She is qualified to treat patients of all ages with a wide range of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.

Outside work Charlie is a keen sportswoman and holds coaching qualifications in many sports. She played Basketball at National league level and was captain of Bournemouth University Women’s Basketball team.

Lucinda Holman

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Lucinda Holman of Back in Balance Chiropractic Clinic Wimborne

Even though breast feeding is a natural process, many mums experience difficulties especially in the early weeks after birth.

Specialist lactation support can make all the difference to establishing a successful breastfeeding relationship between you and your baby.

Lucinda has been supporting mums for over a decade, her aim is to identify and help resolve core feeding issues as quickly as possible, in a way that suits you.

Jane Ludick, tbc

Title & photo to be provided

Jane text to come.